STOP Ignoring What You Want!

STOP Ignoring What You Want!

"10 Reasons to Start Your Business Today . . . Even If You Think You Don't Have Enough Time to Do That and Raise the Kids"

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Ebook Cover - 10 Reasons to Start Your Business TODAY png

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"10 Reasons to Start Your Business Today"

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Convinced you don't have enough time in the day to start a successful business and raise a family?  The  Stop ignoring what you want and start you business today.  

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STOP Ignoring What You Want!


"10 Reasons to Start Your Business TODAY!!"


"10 Reasons to Start Your Business TODAY!!"

Ebook Cover - 10 Reasons to Start Your Business TODAY png
Ebook Cover - 10 Reasons to Start Your Business TODAY png

FREE Instant Access!

Simply Click the Button Below and to Get Your FREE Copy of
"10 Reasons to Start Your Business Today"

Your information is safe with us and will not be shared.

Convinced that you don't have the time to start a successful business?  This guide will show you 10 compelling reasons why starting a business will revitalize your life.

Audra Koudellou


STOP Struggling and Find Your Niche . . .

I'll show you the 3 Secrets to Unlock Your Niche for Good!

Sell More Courses & Coaching

Instead of trying to serve everyone, Unlock Your Niche and cater to a specific audience with a specific desire.  Getting laser focused on who you serve and what they want will allow you to gain clarity in you messaging.  Targeted language will attract your ideal customer who is ready to buy because you've got what they want.

Create Content on Demand

Unlock Your Niche and speak directly to your target audience. Narrowing down your focus to a specific area of expertise or a particular demographic, you can tailor your content, messaging, and offerings to resonate deeply with your audience's needs and desires. Your ideal customer will swear you are in their head and hang on your every word.

 Do What You Love

Courses and Coaching are a delivery method for what you love to do most, help people flourish by sharing your knowledge.  Unlock Your Niche and spend more time doing just that. Less time struggling to get the content, marketing and programs just right, more time connecting and sharing your gifts because you've found your niche.

Costing You?

The real truth behind why most COURSE CREATORS AND COACHES DON'T achieve
the life of their dreams . . .


The longer you avoid "niching down" and finding your ideal audience, the longer it will take for you to achieve notable success. If you've been struggling to sell your courses and coaching for 2 years or more, that negative energy is triggering a domino effect of negative outcomes. Outcomes that could potentially ruin your life. Sound dramatic?

If you consider that you may grapple with remorse, disappointment, and frustration as the weight of unmet expectations and unfulfilled dreams settles in. The void left by not achieving your dreams can lead to a lack of fulfillment and a lingering sense of untapped potential.


Covering up the disappointment of not fulfilling your potential can manifest itself in many unintentional ways. That unexpressed disappointment can show up as diminishing confidence. Diminishing confidence spirals into self-doubt, leading to hesitation in decision-making and reluctance to take risks.

This hesitation and reluctance can hinder your ability be attractive to your ideal customer.

The frustration of not finding one's niche can breed a sense of stagnation, trapping you in a cycle of settling for less than you deserve, accepting situations or roles that do not align with their true passions or aspirations.


Unlock Your Niche and harness the power of specificity. How to find a specific audience. Attract them by speaking a specific language. Serve their specific wants and needs. Help them attain specific goals. Transform your life by getting specific outcomes for you and your ideal customer.

No more hesitation or reluctant moments, just a clear path towards serving the customer of your dreams. Creating courses and coaching programs that represent you and your passion for the problems you solve for the customers you serve.

Say yes to the life of your dreams. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your next step, Get the Training. See how simple it can be to Unlock Your Niche! 

Your Future Awaits . . .


"I've Never Heard Anybody Say That!

That was a total click moment. You said, "you think you're so, so different." And for me, it was always thinking, "I'm not so different". That’s so unique.

"What is there that special that I've never thought of?"  You're like other people, and that's why they can connect with you.

The value is in not being so unique and special, that is a total flip.

. . . You don't have to have this special talent or you weren't born with that life's ambition kind of thing. It's valuing that you're like other people.

You never hear anybody say that. I've never heard anybody say that before Audra. Wow, thank you. Thank you for that alone.

- Vicki D., Minnesota, USA

"Inspiring In So Many Ways"

I watched your presentation and it was awesome!  What you had to say was so true and inspiring in so many ways.  Well done.  And thank you!

Ansa A. - South Africa

"I Am Excited!"

You helped me understand the difference between fear and excitement. . . Now, whenever I get that anxiety, that overwhelms, that feeling like fear inside, I say, “Oh, I'm excited. I'm excited for the adventure that's before me.”

I changed it from fear to excitement. I understand now that fear and excitement produces the same kind of rush inside your body. So when I get up or I'm going out, now I say, “okay, I got this excitement. It's not fear. I'm feeling excited! So instead of choosing to be fearful, I now say “I am excited!”  Thank you.   

- Carol  F., Maryland, USA

"It's Like, Let's Just Get Moving!"

Thank you so much. I appreciate you. Fantastic. And I still, I still I can't even tell you how motivating it was to see just your one mastermind post. I just can't even tell you. I like it. It's confident. It's sassy. It's true. It’s simple, it's short, it's sweet. It's like, let's just get moving. That simple . . .

. . . you've done a lot for me in that short little bit of time!

- Loretta O., South Dakota,  USA


Meet Audra Koudellou, a course creator and branding coach based in the Washington DC Area. After leaving the corporate world years ago to focus on raising her children, Audra's passion for entrepreneurship never waned. Despite juggling household duties and family responsibilities, she ventured into the realm of course creation and coaching, drawing upon her natural talents and corporate sales experience to establish Innovative Business Labs, LLC.

Audra is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to build businesses that align with their core values and identity. She firmly believes that businesses rooted in passion and purpose foster the love and dedication necessary for long-lasting success and legacy-building.

Nothing brings Audra more joy than witnessing individuals wholeheartedly embrace their unique path to success. Her commitment lies in motivating them to take decisive action today to shape a future that not only benefits themselves but also their ideal clients.

With an intuitive approach to business, Audra champions the philosophy of "doing something you love." Through her courses and coaching, she equips aspiring entrepreneurs with a 3-Step Framework designed to unlock their true potential.

Recognizing that every business is as unique as the individual behind it, Audra and Innovative Business Labs aspire to uncover the visions of countless entrepreneurs who dare to dream. Their vision is to support and empower entrepreneurs on their journey to realizing their fullest potential and making a lasting impact in their respective industries.

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