Meet Audra Koudellou, a course creator and branding coach based in the Washington DC Area. After leaving the corporate world years ago to focus on raising her children, Audra's passion for entrepreneurship never waned. Despite juggling household duties and family responsibilities, she ventured into the realm of course creation and coaching, drawing upon her natural talents and corporate sales experience to establish Innovative Business Labs, LLC.

Audra is on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to build businesses that align with their core values and identity. She firmly believes that businesses rooted in passion and purpose foster the love and dedication necessary for long-lasting success and legacy-building.​

Nothing brings Audra more joy than witnessing individuals wholeheartedly embrace their unique path to success. Her commitment lies in motivating them to take decisive action today to shape a future that not only benefits themselves but also their ideal clients.

With an intuitive approach to business, Audra champions the philosophy of "doing something you love." Through her courses and coaching, she equips aspiring entrepreneurs with a 3-Step Framework designed to unlock their true potential.

Recognizing that every business is as unique as the individual behind it, Audra and Innovative Business Labs aspire to uncover the visions of countless entrepreneurs who dare to dream. Their vision is to support and empower entrepreneurs on their journey to realizing their fullest potential and making a lasting impact in their respective industries.

Every business is as unique as the individual who envisions it.  And here at Innovative Business Labs we aspire to uncover the visions of countless entrepreneurs who dare to dream.

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